Anxiety and OCD Treatment for Children and Adolescents

Has your child always been a worrier?

Did your child become a worrier after a big change or transition?

Have you struggled with anxiety yourself and see the signs of it in your child?

Are you having trouble understanding, relating, and being patient with your anxious child?

Did you think that your child had a behavior, medical, or learning problem and were told that it's anxiety?

Treatment is designed to meet the unique needs of your child or teen. 
Here is what to expect:

  • Individualized for your child's development:  Each child and teen has unique needs and strengths.  Intellectual and emotional development doesn't always happen at the same pace.  These factors are taken into account when designing treatment that will work best for your child.

  • Kid friendly:  Sometimes the descriptions of CBT can sound complicated.  You might wonder if your child will understand the concepts.  Kid-friendly language and examples are used to teach your child skills and strategies.  Treatment is interactive, engaging, and fun!

  • Family involvement:  I will teach you how best to support your child and how to practice the strategies they learn in treatment at home.  For teens, we can decide together how their parents are involved in treatment.  

  • Proactive approach:  When it comes to anxiety and OCD, being proactive is key!  Smaller problems are much easier to address.  The skills that your child learns can help them throughout their lives.  

  • Consultations: are available for parents.  If you're not sure if your child needs treatment or if you think your child needs treatment but he or she doesn't want to participate, you can still learn skills and tools to help.